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A-to-Z: Welkin


Welkin: (noun) the sky, heavens, or upper air.


Writing Challenge: Create a limerick using the today’s work. (Bad puns are acceptable.)
If you need help rhyming, try the android app,  B-Rhymes.


A-to-Z: Verisimilitude


Verisimilitude: (noun) the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood.


Writing Challenge: Write a dialogue involving your MC using verisimilitude to evade an unpleasant question.

A-to-Z: Ugsome


Ugsome: (adjective [oh the horrors!]) horrid; loathsome.


Writing Challenge: Explain in 500 words or less something particularly ugsome to your MC.

A-to-Z: Trachle


Trachle: (noun) an exhausting effort, especially walking or working.


Writing Challenge: Write a short scene using the word of the day and the picture above.

A-to-Z: Schatzi


Schatzi: (slang) Sweetheart; darling.


Writing Challenge: Write a scene in an old 50’s mobster style that involves your MC and his/her love interest.

A-to-Z: Rifacimento

After much thought, this week’s theme is Writing Challenges.
he rules are simple, either use the word of the day directly or its meaning in the challenge presented.
Have fun and thanks for visiting!


Rifacimento: (noun) a recast or adaptation, as of a literary or musical work.

images (1)

Writing Challenge:  Take a beloved children’s Golden Book story, such as “The Little Engine that Could”, and write your own version.

Not 20 Questions


This week my family became pet sitters. Fortunately, my parents’ animals, whom we were caring for, consisted of a single dog and cat. The dog came to our house, the cat stayed at theirs.  Our current menagerie of animals has become used to the extra dog’s intrusion. That’s a good thing because this particular dog is elderly and suffers from depression when her papa (my father) is gone. She has to be coaxed to eat and no manner of treats will convince her to take her medicine. I have to force her to swallow the pills and even then, I’m successful only half the time.

The cat, on the other hand, is a breeze to care for. She, too, is elderly, more so than the dog, but she has no medication. We only have to feed her several times a day and cuddle. Being old, she is naturally thin and eats tiny amounts of food – thus the multiple feedings.

I’m thankful both animals survived the vacation. There’s not much worse for pet owners than being told your beloved fur baby died while you were out having fun.


My Inkwell writing group elected to extend our writing challenge deadline from last Sunday to this weekend. Initially I was thankful for the reprieve. However, I am still working on the piece. Evidently having an additional week did nothing but make me push the deadline more. We’ll just say “procrastination” is my new middle name.

This challenge is fairly easy – a straight description of a random location our character(s) wake up in. Not to bad, right? If I was using a normal writing style, sure. Sadly for me, my story includes hand written notes (clues) from a main character. I have to figure out how to work in the description so it’s found by a second main character. True, that bit’s not actually part of the challenge, but it’s what is keeping me from finishing the assignment. Silly me, making things more difficult than they need be.

or Vegetable.

Did you know the tea bags you buy in the grocery stores are what’s left on the drying racks after all the premium full leaf tea and then the mostly-full leaf tea is sold off? Yep. The grocery tea bags are full of the small, broken bits of tea leaves known in the business as “dust”.  To be sure, it is tea that you are drinking when you use them, just not the best.

I learned this bit of info from the many tea parties I’ve been to this month. A friend of mine sells full leaf, loose tea through a locally based company – Heavenly Special Teas. I’ve learned how to make green tea properly so it’s not bitter (and it’s still not my favorite); that the temperature of your water when brewing makes a huge difference (hotter for black, cooler for white), and that your preference for teas is often determined by your current body chemistry. Also, their scone pan makes excellent cookies!  Who knew?


I received my 5th Year ML Thank you Pen! It’s engraved goodness makes me smile every time I see it.

Also, Dr. Who premiers this Sunday.  Double bonus for our house – Dr. Who & Easter ham!

Lastly, Camp NaNo on Monday – get your hot dog & marshmallow sticks sharpened while you can!

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