A-to-Z: Schatzi


Schatzi: (slang) Sweetheart; darling.


Writing Challenge: Write a scene in an old 50’s mobster style that involves your MC and his/her love interest.


A-to-Z: Rifacimento

After much thought, this week’s theme is Writing Challenges.
he rules are simple, either use the word of the day directly or its meaning in the challenge presented.
Have fun and thanks for visiting!


Rifacimento: (noun) a recast or adaptation, as of a literary or musical work.

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Writing Challenge:  Take a beloved children’s Golden Book story, such as “The Little Engine that Could”, and write your own version.


Due to a long weekend of Easter goodness, today’s  A to Z blog post will appear later this evening. Thank-you for your patience.

A-to-Z: Quillet


Quillet: a subtlety or quibble.

There once was a man who gushed
His quillet with fish was thus:
“They wiggle and squirm
On the hook, like a worm!
They really are not worth the fuss.”

A-to-Z: Pokelogan


Pokelogan: marshy or stagnant water that has branched off from a stream or lake.

There once was a smelly pokelogan
that came from the town of Hoboken.
It started pristine
but now is gangrene.
The houses around it, all broken.

A-to-Z: Ochlophobia


Ochlophobia: an abnormal fear of crowds.

There once was a bloke from New York
who practiced superb needlework.
His bad ochlophobia
meant thread from old India
delivered in person by stork.

A-to-Z: Nuque


Nuque: the back of the neck.

There once was a crazy archduke
with a spoon tattoo on his nuque.
When asked, “Why the spoon?”
he replied with a tune.
“To my wife, I lost a dispute!”

Like Driving

A great post on life.

Write Through It

As a kid I’d ride in the passenger’s seat and watch my mother’s hands on the steering wheel. They were always moving. How did she know when to move her hands? Driving, I thought, must be very difficult.

After I’d been behind the wheel myself a few times, I began to get it: You don’t move your hands on the wheel. The wheel moves your hands. Your hands respond to the road, the car, and what your eyes and other senses tell them.

True, your hands turn the wheel when you want to go left or right, but if you hold your hands still when you’re going down the road, you’ll probably start drifting to one side or the other.

In the last two months I’ve copyedited two demanding nonfiction manuscripts. One was 900 pages long, the other about 550. Yesterday morning I sent the second of the two off…

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A-to-Z: Moiety


Moiety: a half; a small part

There once was a cat named Sam
who lived with his dog and cat fam.
A moiety of courage
the yard he did forage.
Ten minutes was all he could stand!

A-to-Z: Loblolly


Loblolly: a mire; a mud hole.

There once was a girl named Molly
who was ever so chipper and jolly;
’til one day in Spring
her purse she did fling
when falling into a loblolly!

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