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Make The Decision To Be #Happy

Becky Due - Author & Abstract Artist


Today’s Challenge: Make the decision to be happy.

And then maybe you’ll want to be happy tomorrow too. 🙂

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April Showers…

download (5)We’ve acquired an additional human and her two feline companions for a short time. They fit in quite well with our established menagerie; only one yelling match as the felines played “King of the Mountain” so far. Being able to play outside in the beautiful spring weather has helped.

This week the household is tackling obnoxious bushes outside, beautifying the front yard, cleaning up the back yard and painting the kitchen cabinets.

What are you doing?

I Hate DST

I completely agree!

My Own Personal Grey

The following is partially cobbled together from my Twitter feed:

I hate DST—if you want to get up earlier, just… get up earlier. Why torture the rest of us?
I’ve looked into it and the persistence of DST in the US is linked to tax credits for corporations for “energy saving programs.”
NIH and the New England Journal of Medicine have reported that DST leads to increased injury and accident rates. (There are at least 4 well-founded studies in the US that support the claim that accident rates of all kinds rise up to 10% for up to a month following the start of DST in the US every year, but there’s no matching fall in accident rates at the end of DST.)
DST change-over is also associated with increases in heart attacks, cluster headaches, and “cyberloafing” (wtf?)
but many people will argue that it gives them an “extra” hour…

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Like Driving

A great post on life.

Write Through It

As a kid I’d ride in the passenger’s seat and watch my mother’s hands on the steering wheel. They were always moving. How did she know when to move her hands? Driving, I thought, must be very difficult.

After I’d been behind the wheel myself a few times, I began to get it: You don’t move your hands on the wheel. The wheel moves your hands. Your hands respond to the road, the car, and what your eyes and other senses tell them.

True, your hands turn the wheel when you want to go left or right, but if you hold your hands still when you’re going down the road, you’ll probably start drifting to one side or the other.

In the last two months I’ve copyedited two demanding nonfiction manuscripts. One was 900 pages long, the other about 550. Yesterday morning I sent the second of the two off…

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A to Z challenge-Bucket list (E) Elocution

Excellent advice! Something I also struggle with.



Elocution, S.  Green Elocution, S. Green

Like most of you know, I skipped a couple of grades in school, so I was most of my life being the youngest in my class. I was bullied, even though I didn’t know that was how it was called until I came to Canada, but as a result I was very shy and lacked self confidence.
In middle school and high school we always had presentations to do in front of the class. For my science classes I used to do fine because I was obsessed about science and I could speak my jargon without caring about the rest of the class understanding.
But for my language classes it was a whole other story, I would shiver at the though of reciting a poem, or reading one of my essays. Most of the time , the teacher would end up mocking me and the rest…

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sometimes life throws you curve balls with hidden sharp edges. all you can do is minimize the bleeding and move on. time waits for no man – or woman.

Not lost, just absent

I’m here, I promise – simply too busy writing to post! 

Another one lost

It’s too draining to rant about Ben Franklin in Cheney closing, so I’ll just say how terribly sad. I will miss them so very much. =(

10 March, 2011 09:20

Today is one big messy pile of stuff in the middle of a very small room.

22 February, 2011 09:33

This is a test of posting by phone.

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