A-to-Z: Err


 Err – a three-letter word for mistake


She knew she erred as soon as she rolled out of bed that morning.  Her foot caught on the throw rug and slid. Maisy caught the edge of the nightstand and only twisted her ankle.

“So much for that lucky penny under my pillow theory,” she sighed. “It was probably someone’s cast off from a vicious divorce. You know, “This is the last flippin’ penny you’ll ever get from me!” kind of thing, thrown out a window as the owner screamed and burnt rubber.”

Her cat had no comment.

From then on, it was one fiasco after another.  The water heater died, dousing her in a cold shower.  She avoided stepping on the cat only to spill coffee down her blouse.  Distracted by the coffee, lunch was left on the counter.   Irritated and late for work, she earned a pricey speeding ticket.  Once back home, she smoked out the kitchen with her burnt soup.

Throwing her hands in the air, Maisy stomped out of the house and left for McDonald’s.  She placed her order before realizing her wallet was sitting on the kitchen counter.  She didn’t even stop at the window to apologize as she raced out of the drive-thru.

The car window retreated before her fury.  “That’s it! I’m done with you!” she screamed. “Someone else can pick up your bad luck!” The unlucky penny sailed out her window and bounced along the pavement. It stopped at the edge of the sidewalk bordering a Starbucks.

“Ooo, look!”  A hand reached down and picked it up.


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