A to Z challenge-Bucket list (E) Elocution

Excellent advice! Something I also struggle with.



Elocution, S.  Green Elocution, S. Green

Like most of you know, I skipped a couple of grades in school, so I was most of my life being the youngest in my class. I was bullied, even though I didn’t know that was how it was called until I came to Canada, but as a result I was very shy and lacked self confidence.
In middle school and high school we always had presentations to do in front of the class. For my science classes I used to do fine because I was obsessed about science and I could speak my jargon without caring about the rest of the class understanding.
But for my language classes it was a whole other story, I would shiver at the though of reciting a poem, or reading one of my essays. Most of the time , the teacher would end up mocking me and the rest…

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