A-to-Z: Crepuscule


Crepuscule: twilight; dusk


“I bet if they’d named it “Crepuscule”, they’d have better numbers,” Danni giggled.  She and Matt stood in line to see “Night of the Living Dead 3” the latest zombie remake.

“Yeah, but “Twilight” is the actual name of the book,” Matt said. “They’d have to pay mega bucks to change that.  And,” he paused as they moved up in line. “Ms. Meyer would’ve pitched a fit.”

Danni rolled her eyes.  Arms crossed, she tucked her hands into her coat pockets. Tiny puffs of steam escaped from her lips with each breath.  “At least the audience would’ve been more than pre-teens;  until they finished the first scene.”  Her eyes sparkled and her grin reached from ear to ear.

Matt snorted. “Right, and then they’d all be at the counter demanding their money back.”

Another few feet forward and they reached the counter.

“Two for NLD,” Matt said, handing over the money. Danni raised her eyebrows. Matt ducked his head and tucked his chin. “You can get the popcorn,” he mumbled.


The seats had cracked vinyl cushions and wooden arm rests gouged with initials. They rocked not because they were built that way, but because the bolts holding them to the floor were loose. 

“I love this old theater,” Danni sighed. “It’s got so much character.”  Her right hand waved toward the heavy red silk curtain hanging over the screen, the left held the popcorn bag.  “Look!” She pointed to a nearby alcove.  “I bet that used to be a working balcony back in the day.”

Matt shook his head and rescued the popcorn.  “You should sit still. The entire row will fall over!”

Danni laughed and turned swiftly to plant a kiss on his cheek before she settled down.

Thankfully, the lights went out and the curtains opened.  Darkness covered his embarrassment and the preview drowned out any reply. 


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