A-to-Z: Blatherskite


Blatherskite: a person given to voluble, empty talk


Mabel talked all the time; in her sleep, standing in line at the grocery store, at the bankteller’s stall, even while in the bathroom.  The topics were varied and fluid; flowing into each other and changing as her attention shifted.  Talking was as natural and constant as breathing for her.  She didn’t know the meaning of silence.

School was particularly difficult for her – and her teachers.  She made it through elementary school, but by middle school she was taking classes at home, earning her diploma through an online school.  Her parents, although loving and extremely patient, were much relieved when Mabel moved out on her own.

By all accounts, she was a happy person, fairly well-adjusted and unconcerned with the general public’s opinion of her. She lived in a soundproofed apartment on the first floor of a three-story building near the marketplace.

It took a while for the neighbor’s to realize she had stopped talking.  On the third day of noticing she hadn’t come out, the landlord opened her apartment door.  Silence greeted him.  Mabel, life-long blatherskite, had finally taken a long breath, stopped talking and expired. 


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