Challenge accepted!


As a dear friend said recently to me in regard to writing challenges, “You are a glutton for punishment”.  This could be true – or I could simply do my best writing with deadlines.  You see, I have not only signed up for and accepted the A-to-Z Blog Challenge (notice the nifty sidebar icon), but I have also joined Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 for both the April and July sessions.

Camp will be easy this year.  I have several works in progress languishing on a thumb drive, desperately waiting their turn to see the bright light that is MS Word or Scrivener.  And the blog?  Well, I have four letters written already. I’m ahead of the game there. (By the way, pre-posting is completely acceptable – even encouraged!)

There’s still time to join me.  You can find the A-to-Z Challenge here  and Camp NaNoWriMo here.



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