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2012 Craziness

Today is Day 2 of a Wild Endeavor. Yes, it deserves caps and yes, it qualifies for BFS status. Not sure what that means? Run over to and look up their Year of Big Fun Scary Things under the December and Beyond forums.  I have signed up with two separate ladies on Google+ to join their #WIP500 events.

What does this mean? It means I agreed in a moment of confidence (or delusion depending on how you look at things) to write 500 or more words every day of this year.  Publicly. With accountability partners, of sorts.  I am posting the results on my writing blog, Masquerade Mahem, at least the parts relevant to that story.  The rest of the time I’ll be adding to my 2011 NaNo project in the hopes it will be print worthy of the free copies I earned whilst writing it.

What I have learned so far:  it is much easier to have a very loose outline to work within; stopping and starting up again in the middle of a scene is harder than finishing it – especially on the same day; accountability partners who know where you live and work are scary.  Oh, and it’s easier to write when I am half asleep, mostly drunk or at the kitchen table.

Are you in?


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