Monthly Archives: February 2011

22 February, 2011 09:33

This is a test of posting by phone.



I feel accomplished…and exhausted.  I answered all my emails, updated webpages including SpoCon, attended a writing meeting (although I did more work than writing), finally made it to the new coffeehouse I wanted to visit (does that count as networking?), sent packages off to my daughter, bought nearly all the V-day cards and gifts, and started a new knitting project for a Yule present (here’s hoping I finish this one!).

I’m currently lounging on the bed in my room, because the boys (and a friend) are playing PS3 games in the living room and the kitchen is not far enough away to ignore them. Two of the three cats are keeping me company, although they aren’t laying close enough to keep me warm, nor are they soothing me with their overly loud purring.  I should probably be working on something or writing something, but I think I’m just going to crawl under the covers and sleep. Tomorrow will come soon enough.


Sitting here in the quiet darkness listening to the scritch of a pencil furiously impart messy information on a sixth grade homework assignment.  The clock’s ticking reminds me dinner won’t cook its self, as does my grumbling stomach. Spaghetti here I come.

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